Exquisite collections

Awarded the "German Brand Award 2017 - special" in the category "Interior and Living", BREITENBACH UND TÖCHTER® creates and develops individual and extraordinary designs for various product series, such as wallpapers, carpets, textiles and porcelain of the highest quality and sets trends in pattern design for national and international customers.

Creativity for your lifestyle: Top-level design - Interior

BREITENBACH UND TÖCHTER® has been successfully developing individual design and interior design concepts for national and international customers for 17 years. Our core competencies lie in the creation of tailor-made, innovative spatial experiences with unmistakable designs.

"Heckenrose"-Wallpaper ©BREITENBACH UND TÖCHTER, 2020
"Heckenrose"-Wallpaper ©BREITENBACH UND TÖCHTER, 2020
"Madeleine"-Wallpaper ©BREITENBACH UND TÖCHTER, 2020
"Madeleine"-Wallpaper ©BREITENBACH UND TÖCHTER, 2020
"Magic of the sea"-Wallpaper ©BREITENBACH UND TÖCHTER, 2020
"Magic of the sea"-Wallpaper ©BREITENBACH UND TÖCHTER, 2020
"Veronice"-Wallpaper ©BREITENBACH UND TÖCHTER, 2020
"Veronice"-Wallpaper ©BREITENBACH UND TÖCHTER, 2020
"Popart"-Wallpaper ©BREITENBACH UND TÖCHTER, 2020
"Popart"-Wallpaper ©BREITENBACH UND TÖCHTER, 2020
"Viktor"-Wallpaper ©BREITENBACH UND TÖCHTER, 2020
"Viktor"-Wallpaper ©BREITENBACH UND TÖCHTER, 2020

Our print trends for Spring/Summer 2020

The design studio BREITENBACH UND TÖCHTER® will also be presenting innovative print collections with expressive contrasts in the Spring/Summer 2020 season. Another highlight of the season are the fun children's collections, finely drawn and lovingly coloured. The soft light and clear colours of the spring and summer months also inspired highly stylised flowers and leaves, twisted tendrils and plants in imaginative shapes, sometimes in delicate nuances of peach and apricot, and striking in the primary colours.

About us

"emotional design is our passion"

Erich Breitenbach, grandfather of the founder with swedish roots, worked for television. Design was his great passion.

"Design at the highest level - emotionally touching" is the slogan of the new generation, all daughters and all granddaughters.

Over the years, they have developed their own handwriting, won awards, assumed responsibility for sustainable design and continue to focus on quality. Their success proved them right.

The granddaughter, Dr. Gabriela Schütze-Leonhardt, received her doctorate at the Bauhaus University Weimar after studying design at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee. She founded the design brand "BREITENBACH UND TÖCHTER" to bundle all talents in one company. Today they create trends in pattern design.

The presentation of the "german brand award 2017" is another award and confirmation of their stubbornness with a visionary view of the future.

Pattern collections

service for our clients

We are specialized in the development of unique, innovative and trendsetting designs for the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Unique Designer Wallpapers

Feeling good as a statement

The handmade sample collections from BREITENBACH UND TÖCHTER set trends in pattern design and are implemented exclusively by the TapetenAgentur in Cologne.


"Empress & Emperor"

a liaison with KAHLA porcelain

Award-winning design meets high-quality KAHLA porcelain

The stylish pattern design "Empress & Emperor" by BREITENBACH UND TÖCHTER® in cooperation with KAHLA Porzellan is available individually and in sets of two to four in the online shop from € 21.00.

Design Trays

Design for gourmets!

Good morning! Relax! Enjoy!

For the first time BREITENBACH UND TÖCHTER® presents a

  • LIMITED EDITION of 350 sustainably produced trays from handmade pattern designs.
  • individual unique pieces "MADE IN GERMANY" unmistakably made by BREITENBACH UND TÖCHTER®.

They stand out due to their colourful design and are an ideal gift for all design lovers who value individual unique pieces.